Professional, ethical, & positive, Robyn’s psychic work offers pastlife readings, ghost whispering, and personal & spiritual guidance. Both interpretive and channeled, her readings range widely and are rich in detail. Robyn is a ‘ghost whisperer’ who has facilitated the clearing of properties throughout Southern Ontario.

Robyn has also become a popular & upbeat public speaker on a wide range of spiritual topics related to psychic experience. Increasingly a specialist in the readings of Edgar Cayce concerning the life of Christ, her talks are often sponsored by Edgar Cayce Canada or the Association for Research & Enlightenment. She’s a frequent guest of inquiring church groups.


Robyn’s largely well-educated clientele includes medical, healthcare & law professionals, parents, the bereaved, teachers, students, business people, artists, travelers, and New Age therapists. Her ghost whispering is of particular interest to real estate professionals, private property sellers, and prospective buyers.

Robyn’s readings take place by telephone or in person at her home office in Oxford County, Ontario, Canada. All readings are taped for the client’s exclusive use. The cost is $100/hr or $1.75/min. Readings must be booked in advance. She will travel for groups of 3 or more; travel costs extra.