Robyn’s column “Diary of a Smalltown Psychic” appears regularly in The Open Road, national magazine of Edgar Cayce Canada. Formerly a culture critic and journalist, she’s an award-winning poet, professionally produced & published playwright, radio and television dramatist, humourist, and fiction writer, and spent several years as a live public radio personality.

Robyn and her seven brothers were raised fairly traditionally in Woodstock and Oxford County, Ontario, Canada, within the liberal Protestant United Church of Canada. She’s a parent & remains an active lifelong member of the United Church, even as her spiritual work and studies have carried her beyond the ordinary teachings of Christianity to a deeper level of understanding about the Christ’s message.

As a psychic worker, Robyn seeks to serve the good of the collective and individual soul under the guidance and protection of the Christ. She feels a high degree of comfort with interfaith dialogue, affirming that no spiritual association worth the name will foster divisions between or among people.

Edgar Cayce


Robyn trained for two years intensively with a spiritual teacher using the Edgar Cayce Search for God Study Group method, and for a further year with that teacher part-time. Psychic since childhood, her gift came strongly to the foreground during her years of metaphysical training, meditation, personal disciplines, and dream study under the Cayce format. Her training continues through dreamwork, study of the Cayce material, and lessons received in altered states.

For enrichment Robyn writes & produces dramatic works as charity events for local churches and community service providers. She recently completed a seminal book of bridging spirituality, The Dance of Yeshua – Christ In a Psychic World. Rich in personal and client anecdote, this revolutionary work takes a daring look at how the traditional Christian/New Age split came about – yet need not exist. Fascinating & enriching, clients have begun enjoying the content of this book in Robyn’s readings & public talks. Publisher enquiries welcome.