About Robyn’s Channeled Prayers

During Robyn’s readings, guidance for seekers is sometimes followed by the suggestion of a prayer which the seeker should say once a day in order to bring Divine assistance to the issue. Robyn then channels the prayer for that person facing that issue. 

These prayers end by invoking the name of Jesus or of the Christ (“Lord”, “the Holy One of God”). This is the Universal Christ, independent of the Christian religion per se. All people of any religious background whatsoever (or none), may say these words to find assistance and comfort. 

The prayers – often more like affirmations or invocations – are always short, and take mere seconds to say. The readings affirm that if one is willing merely to say them once a day, that is enough. Rewards will follow. Spirit responds even to a crack in the door.

Robyn has always been instructed to ask for a copy of the prayer back from the seeker, in order to create a collection of them which she can make available to others. What follows are just some of those prayers. Thanks to all who’ve honoured her request & returned a copy. And if you haven’t yet – it’s never too late!

NOTE: Robyn describes the prayers as working on a ‘pre-conscious’ level: they address and shift the energies around your troubling issue. The effects of these prayers (which Robyn also uses) can sometimes be noticed immediately and dramatically. Other times the effects become clear over a period of time. Much the same way that we notice our hair has grown but didn’t actually see it growing, when looking back we can attribute positive changes to the channeled prayer. It has been working on your issue gradually and naturally, with subtle wisdom.

Given for one struggling with poverty & loss of work, at a time of difficult pastlife karma:

By the power of the Stone,
By the power of Wind
By the power of Rain
By the power of the heart;

By the power of a Mother’s love
By the power of a Man’s generosity

I break the links of imprisonment, of darkness –
around power,
around money,
around wealth,
around giving.

The salt I have swallowed
and the salt that has swallowed me
are one and the same.
The past is done.
Today begins with all of its strengths
and none of its sorrows.

In the name of the Christ,

Given for one living with terminal illness

You have made me,
and you can unmake me.
Remake me.

In Jesus’ name,


Given for protection of a home, business, or workplace:

May none who intend harm enter here,
But only those who intend goodness, growth, and healing.

May those who do come to intend harm
leave again quickly.

In the Name of the Christ,


Given for protection during sleep or in frightening times:

May the Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ
ring me [us] round, cover me and protect me
all the night [day] through;
may darkness and its minions be kept far off
from my body, mind, soul, and heart
in the Name of Our Lord.

Given as encouragement to all seekers:

The paths to the Whole Self
Are all known to God;
There is no branch
On which I can be lost.

Given both in preparation for and maintenance after entity clearing. Intended both for the one with negative attachments, and for the lightwork partners themselves:

I am.
There is no progress but through Me.
There is no egress but through Me.
Love is.

Light attend, light redeem, light sustain,
In the Name of the Christ, the Holy One of God,
By Jesus’ blood and resurrection –
We are.

Given for a family in crisis:

Divine Mother Mary, Mother of us all,
Lord Christ, Father of us all,
Bring us into our full being and wholeness,
as loved-ones made in your image,
For Your Divine and human purposes.
Remove from us whatever blindness
causes us to believe in barriers.
Help us to see clearly,
To move freely –
Knowing that wherever we move in this world
You are there with us;
inside us;
before us
and after us.
In Your holy name,

Given to one seeking to break free of a loveless abusive marriage:

Oh You to whom I give my soul
and from whom my soul has come:
Into You I pour myself.
From You I ask guidance – calm –
the right words at the right time;
insight – patience –
the giving of good things in Your service;
According to my purpose
and according to Yours.


Given to a sincere spiritual seeker:

For the using of my gifts
For the betterment of my soul
For the betterment of all souls –
I am here and I am Yours.
Cleanse me,
Renew me,
Fill me –
So I may flow
with the Love Which Is,
and the love I am. In Your Holy Name,

Prayer given for those grieving:

In each tear is the heart of God:
As I weep, I am the heart of God.

In each bubble of laughter is the heart of God:
As I laugh; I am the heart of God.

In each breath is the heart of God:
As I breathe; I am the heart of God.

In each motion, feeling, gesture, act of love,
I am the heart of God.

In this heart that I am,
May I love; be freed; embrace; create –
As God wills it, and for God’s highest purpose.
In the name of the One who sees,
knows, and loves all,

Given for one suffering heart & other ailments during ongoing spiritual quest:

Pour le present –
pour tout ce qui s’est passe –
pour tout ce qui se passe maintenant:

je vous remercie, avec amour et tendresse.

Changez mon coeur
comme vous changez mon corps –
comme vous changez mon esprit:
toujours pour devenir
plus pret de votre reve pour moi.

En nom du Christ, l’ame de l’univers,


Given for a music-lover struggling within family breakdown:

For all the ties that tug or are broken
I ask your soothing balm,
I ask your gentle hand moving amongst the strings.

May you make music
– a tune to Your ear
in the great curve of learning –
From those strings whose music might not seem beautiful to me.

Teach me to hear and see your beauty
in all learning.

I embrace the music that I am and that you are.


For those going to teaching/aid work in areas of danger in the developing

In the fortress of myself, I am.
In the fortress of myself, you are.
In the fortress of myself, we are.
Where is the fortress?
It is everywhere and it is nowhere.
Let me live this truth
in the name of the Christ,

Prayers for a healer who is also an esthetician:

Oh Holy Mind ,
and the great Michael with whom I work,
and the Christ who is the ground of all our being –
pass through these hands all that is needful
to be given and to be received
for cleansing,
for healing,
for rest and restoration.

For silent use with a client being abused at home:

Lord Michael and in the name of The Christ,
Banish from this woman
all danger self-inflicted;
all darkness embraced
as personal property.
Cleanse, renew and bring hope
even as you bring beauty through me.

For preparation before work and cleansing at end of work day:

Fill my heart
fill my soul
fill my mind
fill my hands
fill my body –
with love
with purity
with the wisdom that is You. In Your holiness
and in your fierceness
you own me.

Teach me to carry you
gently and always –
at all times,
in all states of being.

For one seeking the right love relationship & work in her chosen field:

Holy One of God
I thank you with love and tenderness
for the changes which are to come,
the changes which have come,
and the Being which I am.
Travel with me always in wholeness.

Entrust me with the great I Am
of love,
and truth.
Teach me the meaning of love over aloneness.

In the name of the Christ who sees, loves, and
releases all things into peacefulness –

Prayer for a mother who gave up her child, & found him again:

For the letting-go of all that’s never been –
For the safety from what was never meant to be –
For the creation of all that must be –
For the making of what is –
rock me in thanks,
and thanks,
and thanks again,
in Jesus’ name.

Given for an earnest seeker:

In all I do, oh Christ, show me who I am.
Make me aware of who you have made me to be,
And let me be ever more that way –
in joy, in triviality, and in greatness.

Given for negative self-image:

Thank you for all mirrors.
Thank you for all lessons which may be seen in the mirror.
Bless me as I stand before my mirror and embrace the one I gaze at.
In all folly –
in all my feelings –
I am whole in Your eyes
and in mine,
for our eyes are the same.

For one seeking a new home:

In the finding of a home,
Our first home is always with you.
In the unity of I AM,
We inhabit our perfect dwelling.
In Your Holy Name,

For one with a loved one suffering towards death in a negative mindset, & with some negative family involvement:

In all that disintegrates, there is a return to You.
Our parts are formed from You
and so our parts go back to You.
May anything that would play with the returning of You, to You ,
be renovated, taught, balanced,
to do only Your work in Your service
– through love.
As love calls all desperate parts to become and to be,
we recognize in ourselves that Being which is You. In the name of the Holy One of God,

Prayer/affirmation given to integrate and protect the mind from irrational and overriding fears or phobias. Given also to prepare one with a psychic hole& entity attachments for cleansing & clearing work. To be repeated at ANY time of fear, suspicion, worry, or anger:

Bring us
through Love
to the beautiful ground
of our being.

In Christ’s name,

Prayer for integrating fractured friendships:

In all character and all diversity of being,
and all states of being,
there is expression only of You.
You are love, You are eternal.
Through You all growth comes,
and all growth brings meaning.
Make me part of your love,
part of your growth, part of your meaning –
And as with me, so with those I love.

Prayer given to the parent of strong personality with a child the same… at a time of much head-butting! Preparing both for great friendship & healing work:

Rocks crash
Waves splash
But all grows smooth
In Love’s tide of life.
In flow, there is only
I Am.

Given for an artist seeking to further creative work:

Pray without ceasing…

Love binds all.
Love, find us.
Bring us all together in the cause of these works.
Ignite the flame –
In Christ’s name.

… Prayed without ceasing.

Pray without ceasing…

In the finding of a work’s home,
Its first home is always with You.
In the unity of I Am
Our works find their perfect dwelling.

…Prayed without ceasing.

Prayer given for personal empowerment and growth:

It’s time: shine.
In all ways,
In all things,
In Christ’s name,
For Christ’s sake –


Prayers given for one alienated from and angry with loved ones during family breakdown:

Angel of Anger is a Divine angel.
May it motivate, cleanse, renew, clear,
Bring light, bring clarity, bring purpose, liberate.

In the name of the Christ,

Given for one fearing loss of love during family conflict:

In the story of our lives,
The grander design is always Yours.
Surround us with love,
Re-create us with love –
always knowing there is no place we can go
where love is not.

In the name of the Holy One of God,

Prayer of protection from fear and low self-esteem:

Wherever I am
Your light is there also.
May your light surround me, protect me, and honour me
As I honour and protect myself.
In love, for healing,
In the name of the Holy One of God –

Prayer for renewal and reconnecting in a time of seeking, during or after a time of alienation:

God of our forefathers,
God of Ascended Masters,
God of the Sacred Feminine who is our holy container:
cleanse, reunite, broaden me –
In the Holy Name of the One whom I serve,
who is the eternal Christ,


Prayer for cleansing of self and home, school, or workplace:

Clear this air
Clear this floor
Clear these walls
Clear this patch of earth
Clear this sky
Clear my mind and heart and spirit
In the name of the Spirit of the Holy One of God,


Given as a morning invocation against stress & fear. To be said looking into one’s own eyes in a mirror:

Christ of all that’s lovely,
feel Your fortitude
Your energy
Your wisdom
Your warmth
sufficient unto this day –

Christ of all that’s joyous,
know Your fortitude
Your energy
Your wisdom
Your warmth
sufficient unto this day –


Given for one smitten with a con man:

Through the dazzle
that does not like the darkness it sometimes is,
Bring all loved ones –
Through the dazzle,
Through the darkness,
To true love.

In Your time, according to Your purpose ,
In the name of Christ, the Holy One of God.


Given for nervous over-talking:

Lord of the Golden Silence,

please be my Friend.

Given for one struggling to reconcile secrets around her adoption & family history

Through all of this flows the same love
for the same One who has passed through all of this;
Flows the same love sent by Him.
May that love which is pure, increase and mingle
According to Your highest will.
In the name of the Holy One of God,