Catalogue of talks & workshops

Robyn is a lively, engaging, experienced presenter at conferences and spirituality/wellness events.
She specializes in debunking myths around psychic practice or exploring the bridges between New Age and Christian spirituality. Her talks, discussions and demonstrations have been enjoyed by worship, study, & enquiry groups, highschool & college classes, adult learning programs, service clubs, spirituality associations, private gatherings, and on live radio.
In all of Robyn’s workshops, the state of one’s Christian/New Age belief (or lack of it) doesn’t matter. Her talks are intended as inspirations for life.

All events run 3 hours with break & question period unless otherwise indicated.

Autobiography of a Psychic
Ever wondered how a psychic comes to be? Wonder no longer. It’s a dynamic route from urban culture critic, literary artist and skeptic, to integrating the unseen world. With reference to the archetypal shamanic journey, Robyn shares dramatic stories of her own progress and examines the paths of other professional psychics en route to their ultimate callings.
Christ, Healing, and the Shamanic Journey

Modern liberal Christianity holds that the healing miracles of Jesus were inventions of a power-mongering early church intent on holding sway over the gullible. In light of modern and historic healers, Robyn re-examines this view to arrive at an integrated understanding of energy healing, spiritual mastery, and what, in simple practical terms, Christ’s work can mean for us today.

Guests tend to find Robyn’s Gospel interpretations delightfully new but surprisingly sensible.

Edgar Cayce Study Groups – How’s &Wherefore’s from a Meditation Group Facilitator

For those currently in an Edgar Cayce Study and Meditation Group; those who want to be; or those who need help troubleshooting groups in general.

Robyn covers the background and intentions of Study Groups, how to make the spiritual goals work for you, the question of group leadership, and other common quandaries. She also provides an extremely helpful question and answer period during which attendees can pick the brain of someone trained and experienced in Study Group membership and facilitation.

Of Ghosts and Ghostbusting

It seems every television channel these days offers a resident ghostbuster – or an actress playing one. Learn all about the real thing from someone who does it as part of her daily bread and butter. Great stories, great insights, and a lot of basic information on questions of life, death, and life-after-death. 

A workshop that always provokes extensive and fascinating discussions!

God’s Fool – The Hidden St. Francis of Assisi

That statue of a gentle man surrounded by friendly animals which stands in your garden actually represents a great mystic and humourist.

Father of the Christmas Pageant, Clown of God, lover of nature, St. Francis of Assissi brought a radical new vision to spirituality that will surprise, delight, and engage you. You’ll never look at his garden statue in the same way again!

Guiding Dreams and Angel Promises Fulfilled – a one-day Christmas Season workshop

Is the old Christmas story a comforting child’s myth, or could it possibly be real? Robyn examines angel stories and guiding dreams from the gospel accounts of Jesus’ birth, and from the modern lives of everyday people. Through them, she arrives at a resolving view of Christmas in which hard fact and miracle can share the same embrace.

A popular workshop which some participants like to repeat during subsequent Christmas seasons.

The Miracles of Christmas According to Edgar Cayce

In our race to shop, bake, decorate and party, the meaning of Christmas often goes missing. Lost also is the Christmas story itself. And what is that story? An innocent girl, an angel visitation, an immaculate conception? The reluctant groom, the flurried marriage, the long journey, the birth in a stable?

Christmas makes great fairytale and inspiring metaphor. But which parts of the story are actually real? More than you think – and more than you know.

Learn the startling & inspiring truth about Christmas & its meaning as reported by “The Sleeping Prophet”Edgar Cayce, greatest psychic of the twentieth century. Born a Southern Baptist, a beloved Bible teacher , Cayce devoted himself to thousands of healing readings. Many readings also discussed the life of Jesus in all its missing detail – inviting us to a wide-opened spirituality of a universal Christ.

The Miracles of Easter According to Edgar Cayce

EASTER IS COMING – bunnies and chocolate eggs! Yet somewhere on candy-hunt, the Easter drama itself often goes missing. What is the real Easter story and what does it mean? A famous teacher-healer betrayed, friends scattered, a showdown in Jerusalem? Weak-kneed governor, silent victim, horrific suffering on a cross? His politically-hot body: stolen or risen? 

Easter seems to offer tales of the impossible in answer to an epic tragedy. For many, this can only be useful as an inspiring metaphor. But a major historical drama really did happen. How did it unfold, and what does it mean? Learn the startling, inspiring miracles of Easter as reported by “The Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce, greatest psychic of the twentieth century. Born a Southern Baptist, a beloved Bible teacher, Cayce devoted himself to thousands of healing readings. Many readings also discussed the life of Jesus in all its missing detail – inviting us to a wide-opened spirituality of a universal Christ.

This intense and intensely moving talk includes maps and visuals, taking those present on a day-long journey through the politics, motivations, secret characters, and moving details of the Easter story from Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, through to his disputed resurrection.

Karma and The Prodigal Son Revisited

Learn how Karma, the most helpful spiritual concept you can master, often becomes the most misunderstood.

Karma is neither punishment nor retribution, nor is it immutable. With reference to Christ’s teachings and the autobiography of Yogananda, Robyn will discuss the universal law of karma in simple practical terms, debunking a few myths around its operation that tend to make us all complacent – or mistaken. Why settle for anything less than gratitude or joy?

Reincarnation: A Primer

In this talk Robyn discusses what she calls Wisdom Structures, of which reincarnation is one; Jesus, the Essenes, & their background in reincarnation; the mechanisms of reincarnation itself (karma, group & individual karma, soul mates); how past lives operate and intersect with our present life; and some every interesting past lives of her own. 

She follows with a brief pastlife reading and interpretation for a selected group member.

What Psychics Can – and Can’t – Do For You

What’s appropriate preparation for a psychic reading? Are psychics reading my mind all the time? What is my responsibility to the reading, and what is the reader’s responsibility? Where do meditation and prayer practice come in? How do you ensure you can ‘get back’ from a pastlife regression? How does the psychic ‘ground her/himself? Why was I told only some things, but not other things? How and why do psychic readings work? Should a psychic scare me?

Psychics and mediums are part of our everyday consciousness. Books and television offer up news of many with remarkable abilities and gifts for communication beyond our physical world. But these individuals hold in a developed form, a gift that is available and present in us all. Learn how – and why. 

A ‘must’ for anyone seeking a reading or seeking to be better informed on ethical psychic practice.

The information in this workshop is based on the psychic and spiritual insights given by the readings of the great twentieth-century American psychic and visionary, Edgar Cayce.

The Thief in the Night – Pain and Loss as Events That Initiate Us

It’s a painful but observable truth that the most important journeys of our lives are forced upon us by traumatic events of suffering and loss. 

“Be ready – for I will come for you like a thief in the night,” Jesus once told his disciples. Explore what the Christ might have meant by this strange promise, and in the process find a new context for old or fresh sorrows. 

Workshop attendees find this seminar empowering and comforting – a message that renews hope and self-worth in a suffering world, while validating that suffering, while terrible, can be given a higher purpose of its own.

The Sound of Yeshua: Bridging Christianity & the New Age – weekend workshop

This workshop comprises one evening session plus an all-day set of talks and exercises.

The Life of Christ as you’ve only ever half-learned it. Respectful of your church background yet re-examining little-known church history which may have erased important parts of the record, Robyn reconsiders Jesus’ major teachings in light of spiritual mastery, the shamanic journey, the great teaching We Are All One, and the value and role of women in Jesus’ world view. Robyn also offers a critique of modern ‘rational’ Christian theology, finding a new, more workable spiritual reality in the interplay of metaphor, matter, and energies as displayed in the hands of master healers.

Includes: Jesus’s real name; ‘ruah’ or prana; his seminal teachings about what he called the “Kingdom” (which Robyn with others calls The Kindom); and the radical teachings of forgiveness via such parables as The Prodigal Son. Guided meditations evoke the sound, feel, and essence of the Kindom within and between us.


Always moving yet provoking lively debate, this workshop has been popular for women’s retreats.

Psychic Lightwork and the Parables of Christ for a Modern Age

Shape this workshop for yourself or your group. Choose three parables of Jesus and enjoy Robyn’s lively, unusual insights into their interpretation based on knowledge and experiences from psychic life in the Christ and her background as a literary and culture critic.

Guests tend to find Robyn’s Gospel interpretations delightfully new but surprisingly sensible.