Speaking – Testimonials

“Well I can certainly say you rank in the top 10, #1, in my book – your style and knowledge just flowed. It was a perfect combination of a slide show illustrating, sometimes with humour (which was great), various components of your presentation. I can honestly say I could promote your presentations with in-depth confidence informing an individual if they attend one of your talks they would receive a complete package – a knowledgeable speaker who brings you into the fold – an attribute that many presenters do not hold. For me with your warmth of personality it is the way to go, and added a completely different dimension, one that I have not felt before which was interesting for me. Thank You again for a great 4 hours – calming it was and when I visited my 95 year old friend I just raved about it!!”

“We enjoyed our Saturday with you so much. Although we have heard the material before it is still delightful to view the lovely art work you have collected to augment the text – or should it be the other way around? I love the added details gleaned from the Cayce readings – they bring the message new vigour! We always relish your company…. It takes great courage to ‘set your face towards Jerusalem’. We hope that this Easter will bring you regeneration and joy!”

“It was my first encounter as an attendee at one of Robyn’s Talks and it was wonderful. The intimate feel of the venue and Robyn’s knowledge and presentation style – win win scenario. As an individual with my own event planning business, I can attest to coordinating numerous events across 24 states and across Canada, and Robyn’s talks would definitely fall into the top category of ‘must see’.”

“I really appreciate all your sdtudy and hours of preparation spent to bring us your perspective on the Easter STory. Just like my awakening to ‘there is even more to life than first known’ for me, you have been a beacon and have shown me a deeper and more personal feel to what Easter means. It seems that since Saturday, I have grown up and have a more mature meaning of Easter! Thank you!”

“Wise and funny and unbelievably smart… I think the world needs to hear her story and her insights.”

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your efforts to bring Robyn to interested people. I think she’s amazing.”

“I don’t know many psychics that I relate to… and I don’t even like the word ‘psychic’! For me it always conjures up images of a chain smoking gossip-monger, a predatory type of person. It’s refreshing to hear of a psychic who speaks of what they do with a sense of reverence and dignity – but also in the context of being servant to love, to God, first.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over for all the love and light you bring this world…. you truly are a Godsend.”

“Sense of humour, humility, wisdom.”

“Thank you so much for sharing your insights & wisdom with us tonight.”

“Last evening was such a great pleasure! …early in my life in Scotland I studied elocution and followed it up with speech arts and drama lessons when we came to Canada. I eventually received the ARCT degree in Speech Arts and Drama from the Royal Conservatory. Teaching speech and acting were very important to me in my youth…. This background renders me particularly appreciative of good speech and good presenting… Last evening your presentation, your vocabulary, your skills and your content were a delight. Your conviction and joy added even more. It was a very uplifting experience – thank you!”

“Ms. Butt acknowledged all the participants. A good teacher at heart. Had participants share in a lively discussion. Wow!”

“What I liked best were her insight and depth of knowledge of the subject, pleasant kind caring personality, and the respectful inclusive way she interacted with the group.”

“A pleasure meeting you. Such an impact you’ve made on me.”

“The themes are amazing. You nailed some real issues.”

“It was great to have the extra time. Robyn, you have such a nice manner when speaking to people. You are an excellent speaker. Thanks.”

“Fascinating and informative.”

“I liked all of it. So very interesting, and great discussions.”

“Thank you so much for your important work… You are a true pilgrim on the journey and I can’t tell you how I value you and your incredible gifts. I love you for all the good work that is being accomplished in your care.”

“Good open dialogue, good info, great ‘marrying’ of spiritual truths.”

“I always smile when I think of who you are and what you do and have done for so many of us. Thank you for sharing the light and the blessings.”

“Coming to the Cayce work later in life is somewhat daunting. As you pointed out, the language itself requires thoughtful attention and it is not easy to grasp the meaning. Also you referred to the ‘snippets’, the anecdotes and references included in [Cayce’s actual] readings [for individuals]. I think that is what was so informative in your presentation – you brought those references together into a narrative that flowed. I thought it must have been difficult to edit the material as well. Knowing what to leave out would be as difficult as deciding what to include.”

“I’d say the coffee grounds and water were already in the pot and you lit the fire! My mind has been percolating all night long… I’m very excited and eager…. So, my many thanks to you!!!”
“Thank you. This was a great experience. I feel I have learned a lot!”

“Thank you! It was wonderful to meet you. I know I’ll be thinking about this experience and what I’ve learned often.”

“Well prepared material, organized – good information and very confirming.”

“I am so glad I came.”

“Very good presenter.”

“Expanded on what I know of karma. Very informed speaker.”

“I attended the talk you presented recently in Kitchener. I was very impressed with your presentation and the information you discussed…. I feel I am ready for the next step and would like to make arrangements to have a reading from you.”

“I feel confident that I would benefit from knowing more about your views on spirituality.”

“My suspicion that reincarnation is real has become belief. I have no real idea of how it works, but I do believe that we are here on assignment. We have a job to do to continue honing our spiritual being in the image of the Sun of God.”

“Thanks for planning this workshop. I am very grateful for people like you, who are constantly looking at new ways to be fully alive in today’s world and to make the Gospel relevant.”

“Now I am interested in speaking with you of your spiritual journey, of meditation, of reading past lives, of the collaborative process of clearing ghosts…. I live in Northern Ontario where I am the minister at a United Church.”

“Saturday’s event was quite wonderful. I loved how you used the 2 important verses: the ‘thief in the night’ and ‘the easy yoke and burden of “light”‘. Truly I should have taped the whole thing, but the essential learnings hold. There were probably only a handful of folks for whom the ‘reincarnation’ thing might have been a stretch but you introduced it well, giving an historical context. Thank you, thank you, Robyn, and may I say it again, ‘Thank you’!?”

“Thanks for your in depth response to my theological queries. A friend who also came to the conference, and I, discussed the retreat with the others. We did come away with the idea that Yeshua was the highest human embodiment of the Christ Spirit…. I am certainly going to explore this idea further. Thanks.”

“I know Robyn slightly because she is a very gifted poet, and did a piece that [our magazine] ran one Christmas. I love her work, but had no idea about this side of her. I am fascinated by the whole notion of shamanism, and am delighted with her work on it. I feel deeply it and our [Christian] faith must be reconciled (or acknowledged to be one, rather).”

“What a relief to see the psychic/shamanistic path and the path of Christianity seen as intertwining, rather than diverging or antithetical to each other. I related to Robyn in a big way.”

“I found the retreat very compelling and am looking forward to debriefing with our study group.”

“I went to an Easter Sunday service this weekend, and for the first time EVER, I understood the phrase, ‘He died for our sins’. I always had difficulty with that phrase and the context the church put it in…’original sin’, etc. I never really ‘got it’ until now. I am eternally grateful for you covering that in your talk last week. Easter has a whole new emotional meaning for me this year. YES…I got it.

I spoke to my friend about this. She came to your talk with me and she agreed THIS Easter was different than past ones… more meaningful. Thanks for sharing.”

“It is amazing how she put the Easter story together. A splendid combination of her scholarly research enhanced by her psychic ability, her theatrical and story-telling gifts and elegance…. I truly enjoyed it. It definitely added a missing dimension to today’s readings of Palm Sunday at my little church in the woods.”