About Robyn’s Readings

Robyn’s readings are comforting, sustaining, and practical, bringing you understanding, insights, tools, and reassurance. You should leave a reading with Robyn ready to tackle life’s issues, relieved of undue worry or stress.

Robyn records all readings and does not use cards, crystals, or any other material objects. She often likes to hold and play with a stone to ground the energy in her hands, but this is not necessary to the reading itself. While Robyn’s spiritual allegiances sustain her, she requires no particular spiritual allegiance from you, though the readings often celebrate and augment your own spiritual practice where it would be valuable to do so.
Robyn opens readings with a silent prayer, then asks for all your questions at the top of the session. She may then ask you questions of her own – to clarify, or because she’ s being guided to ask (though not yet sure why).

Note: During the reading Robyn thinks of herself as not only your reader but also your advocate. Less informed clients sometimes imagine that good psychics don’t ask any questions and that answering them is somehow ‘giving things away’. As Robyn explains, after many years of reading she’s found the readings will always reveal amazing things which you have not mentioned and which Robyn could not have known. Instead her own questions show a more modern reading approach that helps her to ask more of the reading itself on your behalf, providing greater detail and more directly meaningful, practical interpretation. Robyn has never had anyone who originally thought she should not be asking questions leave less than satisfied and surprised at the insights received.

Robyn then receives her psychic download, and begins to speak. The reading itself ‘sorts’ your questions into order of importance and priority. She welcomes interruptions for clarification and understanding. By the end, an elegant common sense has emerged.

Robyn declares all her psychic income and does some reading pro bono in special causes.