“I came to see you for a reading about 12 years ago as I needed to make some life changes and I needed some truth. You were wonderful and a strong female role model that I was grateful to speak with! I’m just debating what would would be the best avenue for me regarding my teenage daughter. I feel seeing you may be the best choice.”

“Thank you so much for your assistance and beautiful gift of divine guidance!”

“Your gifts, strength, eloquence, independence, passion & love, intelligence & personality…… humour, spirit, & grace – you are an inspiration when I’ve just so desperately wanted to be inspired.”

“Everything you said was not only insightful, but helpful. You are gifted with your work and I will certainly come again and refer you to others.”

“It was both enlightening and ever so much on track with me! You are a very precious person, who genuinely cares for people and are trying very hard to show people the way, and that life is wonderful and that we should take advantage of all it offers – that lessons learned in this life, we won’t have to repeat in the next.”

“…that reading was brilliant and helped in a very real way.”

“Your wisdom and insights are greatly appreciated. God bless you.”

“I want to thank you again for yesterday. It was such an important session for me. After listening to the tape I think I realize more clearly the difference between a reading and channeling. It was a powerful experience, affirming, revealing, and reassuring…. The content of the tape is so very rich and very helpful. So different from the others. This has been a significant session for me. I am very grateful.”

“Are you still doing your wonderful readings & spiritual work? You gave me an amazing reading over the telephone as I think time was running out and you were leaving to go back to Canada. I have a friend in the UK who is really interested in having a reading by you… I myself am also interested in another reading. I have had many readings in the past but none as good and accurate as yours.”

“I am so energized, grateful, joyful and excited… so appreciative of the reading you provided. I wanted to thank you once again, and to ask you to let me know when you next speak – so that I might have that experience of you. I also wondered if you have written something that I could find at a book shop or library.”

“I am going to cut right down to the chase. When no-one believed in me you did. When everyone doubted me, you didn’t. You’re an angel and I don’t know how I can ever repay you. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. It means more to me than you know.”

“I really appreciated your reading and the insights you gave me.”

“Thank you for the wonderful reading this past week. It put my heart at ease.”

“Thank you for your insights to explain my current state of mind. It is comforting to have confidence that I will reach a point of clarity & direction in my life again.”

“…you have supplied me with the information tools we need to continue to construct a positive life journey.”

“Thanks you so much for the reading. It confirmed my intuition about so many things. And it helped me to ‘clear’ a bunch of stuff.”

“I want to extend my thanks to you for such a wonderful reading yesterday. I’d say: the coffee grounds and water were already in the pot, and you lit the fire! My mind has been percolating all night long, with the result being that I’m bubbling… I’m very excited and eager to plunge in… So, my many thanks to you!!!”

“…thoughts of you brought me quiet & stillness, and I am grateful for you. I would very much like to see you for a reading time.”